Courses Taught

Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies, WGST 2010         

(1 section, enrollment 45)

  • Full responsibility for course development, syllabus, and teaching
  • Facilitated students in understanding the nature of Women’s Studies as a discipline
  • Led students through assignments which helped to foster a recognition of unequal power relations and oppressive factors in lived experiences and in culture and society and will be able to demonstrate their under-standing of the role of ideology in dividing groups and protecting the interests of principal beneficiaries.
  • Employed technology through the use of media enhanced classrooms, Blackboard,PowerPoint, Epsilen, blogs, the creation of a class website and YouTube
  • Created website for final zine project

Introduction to Fiction, English 2710                       

(1 section, enrollment 38)

Intro to Fiction syllabus Spring 2011

  • Assumed full responsibility for course development and teaching
  • Introduced students to basic elements of fiction through short stories and novels across historical moments and genres.
  • Led students in discussions about the construction of identity (specifically race, class, gender, and ability) through literature
  • Examined the stakes of authors who write against Master Narratives
  • Employed Technology though use of media enhanced classrooms, PowerPoint, Epsilen, blogs, and YouTube
  • Created and managed class website (password: Reading)

Samples of student work and assignments:

  • In the graphic novels unit, students discussed how graphic novels were composed, the aesthetic choices of blocking, coloring and word clouds. We discussed how graphic novels tell stories and how these stories are transmitted to audiences. Students were then asked to compose their own graphic novels based on a scene from one of the texts we  discussed in class. Click here to view my student’s interpretations.
  • Students composed eight short Reading Response Assignments

Composition 1, English 1110                                        

(2 sections, enrollment 24)

Composition 1110 Syllabus, Fall 2010

  • Assumed full responsibility for courses taught.
  • Developed syllabus and assignments to aid in student’s transition to various academic discourses
  • Assigned 20 pages of writing throughout the semester in a variety of academic genres including analysis, argument, review and commentary
  • Provided two individual draft consultations per student each semester
  • Employed technology through the use of media enhanced classrooms, PowerPoint, Epsilen, blogs, and YouTube

Sample lesson plans and assignments:

  • Click for an example of my Argument Unit plan, students end this lesson by discussing visual arguments and composing a visual representation of their final papers. These are shared at the end of the semester as student present their research findings. Click to view the Argument Assignment.
  • I have recently began each semester of composition 1 with a unit on memoir. I find that encouraging students to write from their own perspectives helps resistant writers to engage in the classroom. Click for an example of my Memoir Unit and for the Memoir Assignment.